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Christiane Lavedan
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Christiane Lavedan

Christiane Lavedan is a visual artist and researcher, born in Toulouse, France. Lavedan's work draws from Eastern philosophy and brings a renewal to Western art.

Her vision, as expressed through her work, shows that "We do not belong to this world; we are passing through. Harm no living creature; we are one. Live on a global scale; love thy mother planet instead of using it."

She has been included in Outstanding People of the 20th Century by the International Biographical Centre, England; Who's Who in America since 1999; Who's Who of American Women since 1998.

Ecole des Beaux Arts from 1950-53; Assistant Designer at Ecole d'Architecture, Paris from 1953-58.

Appointments: Bronx Council on the Arts, New York, 1994; Museum of Modern Art, Buenos Aires, 1990; Columbia University, New York, 1983; John F. Kennedy Museum, San Francisco, 1982; Alexander Iolas Gallery, 1977; New York University, New York, 1975; Artery Gallery, Toronto, 1974; Southampton Gallery, Long Island, New York, 1969; Salon de l'Arts Libre, Paris, 1955-56.

Publications: Racorama, Italy, 1973; Elle Magazine, Paris,1970-72; Craft of the Modern World, American Craft Museum, New York, 1968; L'Architecture d'Aujourd'Hui, 1966. Her work in Elle Magazine in 1972 was photographed by Jackson Pollock photographer, Hans Namuth.

Grants: French Cultural Affairs, 1977; New York Department of Cultural Affairs, 1989; National Museum of Women in the Arts (file in archives since 2000)


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