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We offer a unique collection of post-modern paintings and carvings depicting Bhagavan Krishna, by Christiane Lavedan.

Inspired by ancient eastern philosophy, the artist's work is as timely today as ever. Depicting Krishna through the lens of the 21st Century, these concepts express the common denominator between East and West, between nations, and between people.

The Krishna Concepts are available as limited edition fine signed, prints.

Click the image or its name to see detail of a selected part of the image

Blue Krishna

As in more traditional depictions of Krishna, blue represents the vastness of the sea as infinity


Janmashtami celebrates the birth of Krishna with vibrant reds and greens

Krishna Pharaoh

In a nod to Egyptian art, Krishna Pharaoh looks out at the world from 3000 years of silence

Millennia Krishna

A carved image reminiscent of a centuries old temple sculpture

Krishna with Flowers

Hiding behind flowers is the mystery of Krishna

Black Krishna

The Black Krishna of early times shows the battle of life to this day

Rise of Bhagavan Krishna

Spirit emerging like a sun through the dark tones of ignorance

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